Peter Wright
Principal Consultant

Phone: +61 7 3151 2469


Dr Wright was awarded the prestigious SIT Crystal Award for achievement in sugar technology in 2003.


Installation of a successful large evaporator unit pictured under construction, November 2000.
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Racecourse Sugar mill, Mackay.
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Dr. Wright's research and consultation in the raw sugar milling area has included many consultation reports for raw sugar factories and many technical publications for SRI Membership, over 60 papers to Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ASSCT), three of these being awarded the prestigious President's Medal. His recent interests include modeling of cane sugar factories including options for annex refining and for ethanol production.

In recent years ProSuTech has carried out factory process audits and advisory consultations in Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and India. Other consultations have been carried out recently in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru under the auspices of TAS Associates, based in Cali, Colombia.

Technical Services

Process Modelling and Simulation
Process Equipment Design - RF evaporators, batch and continuous vacuum pans, condensers and juice contacters
Off-site Advisory Services

Areas of Expertise

General sugar process operations
Cane sugar ethanol factory modelling
Water management
Factory energy
Process Control Modelling skills (spreadsheet simulations, etc)
Heating and evaporation technology, RF evaporator designs
Clarification and filtration technology
Crystallisation, molasses exhaustion, vacuum pan designs
Minimisation of entrainment losses (louvres), environmental effects
Process steam/energy mass balances, process steam minimisation (co-generation)


B.App.Sc. Industrial Chemistry (First Class Honours), 1953-56; Post Graduate Diploma of Sugar Technology, 1957; M.Sc.App. Industrial Chemistry, 1963; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 1972 (at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)

Joined the Sugar Research Institute, Australia, in 1957. Retired as Principal Consultant to SRI in 1998 but has continued consultation activities independently and in various associations.

Professional Affiliations
TAS Associates - Consultant
Associate of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists - Life Member, Past President, Past Honorary General Secretary

Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ASSCT)
International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT)
South African Sugar Technologist's Association (SASTA)
Sugar Engineer's Library, South Africa.

Welcon Technologies (Electrical Engineers - protection / arc-flash studies)

TAS Associates, Colombia. -
Bernabe Construction, Manila. -
Kimberly (Nanning) Technology & Consultancy Co Ltd. -